July 1, 2022

2.0.16 has been Released



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Hi everybody.

Today we are launching the 2.0.16.

This is a small release to address some of the existing problems while we discuss our roadmap for the coming months with big news to arrive soon.

Following the latest releases, we work on 2.0.16 to bring more consistency to the checkout process, adjusting the PayPal gateway for new memberships and upgrades, fixing the problem with auto-submit fields and the steps block, and improving our form editor.


Version 2.0.16 - Released on 2022-07-01

* Improvement: Allow the auto-submission of fields with the steps field present in form;
* Improvement: Do not calculate prorate in upgrades if membership is in trial period;
* Improvement: PayPal gateway rebuilt to run updates on memberships;
* Improvement: Set Stripe Webhook mode by request mode (live or sandbox);
* Fix: Checkout form editor not showing the input and steps settings;
* Fix: Step being duplicate when updating the step id in checkout form editor;
* Fix: Paypal gateway not completing the checkout process on recurring payments;
* Internal: Additional tests for WordPress 6.0;
* Internal: Improved the multistep checkout test;
* Internal: Improved the model generators for better tests;
* Internal: Improved the code to check sent emails in automated tests;
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