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Add a quantity field to Packages & Services

Packages and services are things that would actually make sense to sell in different quantities, if an admin want to. The infrastructure is already in place to support this feature, as submissions take in a quantity parameter. For now, such parameter is intentionally hard-coded to always be qual to 1. Adding this is the easiest …

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Under Review Category: Core Board: New Features 0 comments
7 votes

Custom Thank You Page Redirect fails with Stripe

If I use Stripe, the wp_ultimo_redirect_url_after_signup hook with “home_url(‘thank-you’)” redirects me to . Without Stripe it works fine.

Under Review Category: Core Board: Bug Reports 1 comment
6 votes

Auto-activating plugins after site creation not working

Some users are reporting that plugins marked to be activated after site creation and upgrades are not being activated. References:

Under Review Category: Core Board: Bug Reports 5 comments
6 votes

Pending payment on upgrade

When a customer upgrades their plan Stripe payment shows in WP Ultimo payment as ‘Pending’. In stripe, it shows as incomplete. Community discussion:

Under Review Category: Core Board: Bug Reports 1 comment
5 votes

Bulk Discount Code Generator

Version 1.X had support to the option of adding multiple discount codes simultaneously. This was 99% done by Lucas, but we’re still deciding on whether or not this belongs on core or on an add-on. Once that decision is made, we can go ahead with the publishing of the feature. References:

Under Review Category: Add-ons, Core, Documentation Board: New Features 0 comments
4 votes

WooCommerce billing email

WooCommerce keeps showing the fake email in the billing editing  page, on user’s WooCommerce dashboard. Community discussion:

Planned Category: Add-ons, Core Board: Bug Reports 0 comments

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