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From the customers account, when plans are all limited to one site per plan: they used to be able to add a new site and it would just add another membership, now something was changed and get the message: “You do not have the necessary permissions to create a site to this membership”

Is there a setting somewhere to allow the same account to have multiple memberships like in previous versions of Ultimo 2.0

These settings are both ON:


Enabling this option will allow your users to create more than one membership.

Enabling this option will allow your customers to create more than one site. You can limit how many sites your users can create in a per plan basis.

Did further tests, and the user can create multiple sites with the single membership even though all memberships are restricted to one site and I turned off “ENABLE MULTIPLE SITES PER MEMBERSHIP”

I just want them to be able to Add a new site which would create a new membership because all plans are limited to one site…

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