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Addon-only Registration forms Error

Better Addon-only forms could be used for upselling. To send out links via which the user can buy the addon. Just like direct links for the default register forms.

Recreation of the error:
I have a registration form on with [wu_checkout slug='main-form'] which is like the default WU registration form, where you can register and choose plan via the 'pricing table field'.

And i have another registration form on with [wu_checkout slug='addon-form'] where the user can buy the addon separately (after login in). Since I used the 'product field' in the registration form editor, the addon is already preselected.

This works for linking and displaying the forms correctly, but the functionality does not yet. At the moment the registration forms are coded with a required Site-Title, Site-Url, Billing Address etc, which complicates the addon-only form. Even if the user logs in, he still needs to put in exactly the same details. Furthermore the form throws an error 'no plan selected' which is not logical (I guess), since I used the 'product field'.

I would love to have an addon-only form that starts with logging in, then choosing the site and then paying for the addon. Without having to put in all the required details after loggin in.

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