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We’ll have to have a product/plan per membership that mimics the product/plan settings.
For plugins: Defaut doesn’t do anything within the addon settings, it would be nice if DEFAULT meant the product/plan controlled the state of the plugins.

Issue is, if someone upgrades or downgrade from any product/plan and as a PACKAGE ADDON it will not push the settings set forth by the product/plan.

But wait. The best part is, even if we limit the ADDON to a specific product/plan, a user can have the addon then downgrade their product/plan and whatever settings set forth in the ADDON remain and allows them to circumvant our pricing structure.

Solution for ADDON PACKAGES:

A: make “default” on plugin limiting work on ADDON PACKAGES that are assigned to plans, allowing the main plan to assign the settings and plugin states.

B: allows us to toggle plugin restrictions off just like the other metrics to limit. (I vote for this option, but whatever is easier for you).

Also, you can’t cancel the package addon.

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