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Better UX when deleting account

When a user deletes the account, he will be logged out, but the message on the login form advises to login to continue where he left. So if he does that he can see the last screen, but when he clicks on something there is an ‘access denied’ warning and it’s a dead-end.

This flow could be improved if he will be redirected to a site for retargeting purposes thanking him and giving contact information for support etc (preferably optional custom site like the thank-you-page) and especially without a login form.

Under Review Category: Features Board: New Features Philipp Lang shared this idea
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Philipp Lang June 7, 2022

Additionally keeping him as subscriber, as it is the case now, is something to be thought about, since he still can log in, although he wanted to delete the account. I would suggest removing his user profile completely.

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