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Billing Address not saved in database

When I test-input billing address, the data does not show up in the customermeta table, nor Stripe Sandbox, nor in the user’s account page. I thought I had a quite fresh install. Maybe this ties into the billing address wrongly being skippable.

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Completed Category: Core, Development Board: Bug Reports Juliana Dias Gomes shared this idea
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lucas.carvalho April 19, 2022

This is an issue related with multi step form.

Heres an quick video showing the error:

Philipp Lang April 3, 2022

Just to add, I meant via registration. The wu_billing_address key in customermeta table stays O:33:”WP_Ultimo\Objects\Billing_Address”:1:{s:13:”�*�attributes”;a:0:{}} no matter what I register with.
Putting in the values as admin or client inside WPUltimo does save the values.

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