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Checkout form fails with Plan slug & Stripe

If I enter on a multi step form with Stripe activated on that default premium plan, I cannot go to the next step and it throws me an error message in the console (attached privately).

Further information: Fresh install with multiple steps form. site_title, billing_address with a next button on the first step. Stripe on the last step.

If I use it does take me to the next step, so this seems to be related to Stripe.

Completed Category: Core Board: Bug Reports Philipp Lang shared this idea
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lucas.carvalho April 26, 2022

Hi Philipp.

We reproduce the error here, it occurs in multi-step form and when you use a product in url and stripe gateway.
It will be fixed soon.

Philipp Lang April 26, 2022

Just to add: if I use I cannot later select the premium instead, because it selects both plans and then aborts when I checkout.

Philipp Lang April 26, 2022

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