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Critical error on account page

When I purchase a plan with ‘Site Template Selection Mode’ > ‘Assign Site Template’, there is a critical error on account & my sites page. See attachments.

Steps to recreate:
– Fresh install on WPMUDEV with Subdirectory and Twenty Twenty-Two on Main site
– Make a plan with ‘Site Template Selection Mode’ > ‘Assign Site Template’ > WPU’s default Template Site with Twenty Twenty-Two
– If I buy this plan I get errors in account page
– if I leave ‘Site Template Selection Mode’ > ‘Default’ no error shows

– No matter the payment options
– No matter if recurring or free
– By the way, wu_billing_address is saved successfully in the database

Completed Category: Core Board: Bug Reports Philipp Lang shared this idea
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soligram April 23, 2022

Just to add to this, for the dev team – it’s actually two separate bugs:
1. The error in the Limits & Quotas widget is caused by a string being passed to number_format() at line 129 of /views/dashboard-widgets/limits-and-quotas.php – the function is expecting a float;
2. The error on the My Sites page is happening because someone has tried to subtract an integer from a string within WP_Ultimo\M\Membership::get_remaining_sites() on line 2353 of /inc/models/class-membership.php
I’m guessing these are leftovers from the refactoring to V2, that got missed when some new abstraction or further modularisation was introduced.

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