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Domain Seller Add-on

We already ported most of the Domain Seller add-on to be compatible with version 2, also adding Namecheap and GoDaddy as additional providers. Unfortunately, with the issues we’re having with some of the aspects of membership management, it seems unwise to introduce yet another point of failure into the mix.

This feature can also be made much more intuitive for admins and end-users alike once we have support for Everything is a Form ready and shipped, as domain search can be added as a field to registration forms and displayed conditionally depending on the plans or membership duration selected.

Community discussion:

Started Category: Add-ons, Development Board: New Features Arindo Duque shared this idea
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KeviinCosmos June 19, 2022

Any update? Can you tell how to join the beta so that I can start using it?There was a working version with Open SRS on v1, really really need this addon to launch soon.

tyranthacker May 15, 2022

Any update on timeline here??

napi91 March 31, 2022

This would cut alot of the manual admin wroks for going to purchase and setup dm name

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