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Everything is a Form & Submissions

While addressing some of the issues we were facing with some of the hard-coded forms that we have for WP Ultimo, we realized that some of them could only be solved by adding what we’ve been internally calling “Everything is a Form” feature a bit earlier than originally planned.

We have a powerful form builder in place already, but it is restricted to the registration form. This feature abstracts away and decouples the consequences of a form (site creation, email notifications) from the forms themselves.

In summary, admins will be able to choose the fields that appear on every relevant form related to WP Ultimo and site management, such as the update billing info, add new site, update payment methods, etc.

With this, collecting or updating meta data will be possible as well as changing the language of certain fields and even including additional notes and explanations on how certain forms should be filled by customers.

This also introduces a new data element to WP Ultimo: Submissions.

A Submission is a an entity that contains all the data submitted through a WP Ultimo form. They are meant to be a idempotent source of truth. A customer session can be recreated from the Submission alone (with the exception of password fields).

Submissions will allow us to implement new features in the feature, such as cart recovery, retries on site creation failure, etc.

Under Review Category: Core, Development Board: New Features Arindo Duque shared this idea
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soligram April 21, 2022

Fantastic abstraction. Yes please.

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