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Improve Price Variations UI - on the Admin and Front-end

The way price variations are presented on the forms, with the current field options we offer is not necessarily ideal. The api for the pricing table templates to handle different price variations being selected is also not the best we could have.

Some research should be done to look into ways of making developing such templates more straight-forward and less error-prone. Ideally, have a system that always refreshes the template, passing an instance of the price variation as the product when one is selected.

Community discussion:

Under Review Category: Documentation Board: Academy Suggestions, Knowledge Base Suggestions Arindo Duque shared this idea
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Philipp Lang March 29, 2022

My suggestions would be to add one-time-payment for LTD cases as price variation (if this is even possible since non-recurring) and being able to show all variations at once. In my case I needed my MVP to start with the same plan but monthly, yearly and LTD as variations.

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