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Make cron work reliably with WPUltimo multisite

I would like a setting that allows me to call a single server cron call to kick off a process that runs cron on all subsites.

Trying to use PHP code and loops doesn’t always work, and setting up individual calls per subsite isn’t efficient and lacks the automation that WP Ultimo brings to other aspects of multisite installation.

Started Category: Add-ons Board: New Features jyoung shared this idea
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neo May 4, 2022

Cron job is very import, we both need this.

lucas.carvalho April 22, 2022

Hi @jyoung,
We are working in this feature, probably as an addon providing a cron with the selected periodicity for main site and subsites.
All solutions need to pass through a loop and to be in wordpress it needs to work from PHP, but we are studing how to do this consistently and without performance issues as this will run through all sites in the network.

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