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Payments are not reflecting on ultimo using Stripe

Monthly payments are processing and showing in Stripe, however, they are not showing in Ultimo on customer accounts. The last payment I see for customers was in February. The money is still processing and customers are being charged, however, they have no way of seeing how much they have paid since February. Any reason this is happening? I just updated to 2.0.12 so will that solve the problem?

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toddh June 20, 2022

This was marked as completed, but we’re still having the same issues with it, and I see other people are as well.  So it’s not finished.

toddh May 24, 2022

I’ve been having this same problem.  Stripe emails me every few days to say there are problems with my webhooks, and they eventually get disabled because they never work.  The last I checked, it showed a fail rate of 100%.  WP Ultimo doesn’t seem to get notified about the payments.  It also doesn’t generate any failed billing notices because it doesn’t seem to know about them.We’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for months.  It seems like WP Ultimo just is not receiving the webhook notifications but I have no idea why.  The URL is correct.

gualtieri May 19, 2022

Im facing this also. Both production and sandbox.
Seems wp ultimo is not able to handle the webhooks posted from stripe. 

lucas.carvalho April 26, 2022

Hi Ceceet


This seams to be a problem in stripe webhooks.
Do you have the stripe webhooks configured in your account?

If so, you can pass us some log?
You can get in the stripe dashboard -> Developers -> Webhooks -> click in your webhook and see for some error in the left and the response will be show in the right

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