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Stripe webhook continually failing

Since going live with a clean install of v2 in February, we've had Stripe complaining of 500 errors on the webhook /?wu-gateway=stripe
The ever present message in the Stripe logs is:
"We failed to handle a webhook call. Error: No such notification: 'evt_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; a similar object exists in live mode, but a test mode key was used to make this request.
(event ID obfuscated)
We were hoping 2.0.14 would solve the issue, but it still seems to be happening for us. We're using live mode keys and are in live mode. I'm wondering if the plans were created in test mode, would that be a potential issue? I don't know they were, but it's the latest crazy guess in a long line of guesses trying to work out why the webhook is failing.

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