August 31, 2022

WP Ultimo 2.0.19



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Hello everyone,

It took a bit longer than originally expected to release this build as it touched sensitive portions of the payment flow and we wanted to be extra careful with testing.

In version 2.0.18 we introduced a new form to deal with pending payments, A handy link to the payment form on the Invoices table was also added.

This release extends these efforts by adding a pop up notice letting customers know about outstanding amounts after login and including the option of notifying customers via email – triggered via a cron job – when pending payments are detected.

If you have an existing WP Ultimo install, you’ll need to manually import the new email template into your System Emails to be able to use it. You can do that by going to:

  • Network Admin Panel > WP Ultimo Menu > Broadcasts > System Emails > Reset or Import > Import System Emails > You Have a New Pending Payment.

Version 2.0.19 also uses the Stripe invoice line items when creating WP Ultimo invoices when a renewal takes place. This assures that any discounts or credits applied outside of WP Ultimo (changes that took place on Stripe) get properly represented, avoiding mismatches that had the potential to confuse customers.

The step visibility logic on Checkout Forms was reworked to make sure we account for weird behaviors some WP Ultimo customers were experiencing when a particular step was to be skipped (due to the presence of a URL parameter, for example). Now, whenever a site template or a particular plan gets pre-selected via their respective URL parameters, and the option to skip the step in case of pre-selections is active, the final step sequence of the form gets calculated ahead of time, preventing any potential problems like blank steps or similar from happening.

Last but not least, besides some other minor fixes, we also added support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in our PDF invoices – for the most part… The only element we are still working on getting special characters to show up in is the “Paid” watermark that goes across the entire page. We’ll try a couple of other tricks to get that sorted, but we might need to take a different strategy to signal the paid status for those languages. We’ll see.

Have a great rest of the week ahead,

The WP Ultimo Team,


* Added: Event to send email when a new payment is created via cron in WP Ultimo (trial without payment method and manual payments for now);
* Added: Email template for new payment created event;
* Added: Popup after login with customer pending payments if exist;
* Added: Link to payment form on invoices element;
* Added: Support for CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) characters in invoice text;
* Added: Stripe gateways payment line items on WP Ultimo payment created on renewals;
* Added: wu_setup_step_done_name filter on setup wizard;
* Improvement: Form steps filtering for fields to hide when autosubmit;
* Fix: Unexpected behavior when advance form steps in forms like the create new site;
* Fix: Template site limits verification on create new site form;
* Fix: Post type limitation on legacy pricing table;
* Fix: New site form template selector styles;
* Fix: Limitations merge on products and memberships;
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PGNL August 31, 2022

Great work team! 👍